Past Retreats

Prana & Power 2019, Thatch Caye,  Belize



No words can express how I am feeling today, after spending 5 days with the beautiful and enlightening Allison Waguespack guiding us at Thatch Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort in Belize at #pranaandpower2019 . The yoga practice was powerful and the messages in the workshops allowed me to open space in my heart and mind. I am beyond grateful for this experience with 14 other amazing women. I want to savor this feeling for a few more days (before I start thinking about next year) –Steph, NY

This retreat was beyond anything I anticipated and I’m still on a high that has helped me get through my first week back at work.   I’m looking forward to taking whatever classes I can make of yours and counting the days to our next amazing adventure.   Keep us posted.   Sending much love your way.   –Sue, NY

I wanted to thank you for your guidance, caring and trust on my journey. You created a safe place where I could practice being Courageous. I am so grateful for my new steps into new beginnings, and for my new friends!  I look forward to deepening my practice and discovering on and off the mat.  –Barbara, NY


Prana & Power 2018, Thatch Caye,  Belize




I truly cannot put into words what this weekend means to me. If only I could transfer feelings from my heart into yours. As I am entering into the real world today…sorting through work emails, going to the grocery store and washing loads of laundry, all I feel is complete peace inside. This weekend has given me the reassurance I needed. Surrender to what is and trust I am where I am supposed to be. Be here now as that is all we have. Look to the heart and you will find everything you need is already inside you.  –Jessie, Chicago

Words truly can’t describe how grateful I am for this experience. It was healing in so many ways but eye opening as well for me. You really are an amazing woman and I feel so lucky to have gone on this trip. Thank you for everything: your energy, your teachings, your words, and your kindness. — Ruthie, Florida

Thanks again for your courage to take a leap and do these retreats, for your skills in executing it, and for your talent as a yoga teacher. I had an unforgettable time that will set me up for my next phase in life.– KC, Texas

This years’ retreat allowed me the time to disconnect from everyday life, focus on myself and relax. I know it took a lot of work, time and prepping to put the retreat together. Your effort showed. You have a gift for connecting with people and sharing your wisdom. Thank you for sharing your gift. I’m looking forward to next year.– Niki, NY

Prana & Power 2017, Maya Tulum, Tulum Mexico




“I could not have asked for a better experience and I adored every single person on the trip. I really enjoyed all of your classes and love how you connect them to real life (I love your stories too). The workshops were also amazing and I feel like I have brought a lot back with me that I can use each day. I look forward to many more retreats with you as well.” –Abby, Chicago

“Thank you for the most amazing yoga retreat with the most incredible energy! No words can describe your effort to make this retreat one of the best times of our lives!”Patricia, NY

“I can’t begin to tell you what a fantastic time I had with you! You are an amazing teacher and an amazing person both inside & out! I am so happy I shared this weekend with you!” –Alice, NY