We have the tools within us to heal and be free



Better late yoga than no yoga is something I always say to my students if they worry about being late to class. I am holding to that philosophy as well when it comes to my blog posts (as this post is a few weeks late). Over the last 3 months I have been undergoing treatments to help repair some ligaments in my body that have been damaged over time due to a surgery I had years ago. The process has been quite inspirational because it uses my own white blood cells to heal the damaged areas. This became my inspiration for classes a couple of weeks ago.

Scientists have discovered that our bodies have amazing tools to heal ourselves. When we look at how vaccines work (creating antibodies to fight the disease) and stem cell transplants and immunotherapy treatments for cancer and even the treatment I am doing (PRP–plasma rich platelets) our bodies are truly remarkable. We have equally amazing tools to heal in the mind– to reset, break our negative thought cycles or habits called Samskaras– and free ourselves from emotional injury. Just like the body carries the baggage of past injuries (or surgeries in my case), the mind and spirit carry baggage as well. Our yoga practice both on and off the mat can help us rid ourselves of that baggage and move forward healed.

That was the practice as we took to our mats– to work from a place of healing; to listen to the body and the mind. As we flowed through our Sun Salutes it was an opportunity to begin to practice patience, acceptance and gratitude. We need these elements in order to heal. Then later, we challenged ourselves with balancing and handstands- again patience, acceptance and gratitude are needed.

That has very much been my practice over the last three months, listening, being patient, accepting where I am and finding gratitude in the steady improvements in my body. Just as our bodies have the amazing capacity to heal, these emotional healing properties inside each of us can heal our heart and spirit as well. Firstly we need to be patient as most things worth having take time and effort to achieve. Then we find acceptance for what is available and with that begin to let go of what may not be. From there, we are able to feel grateful for our blessings, for all the good that comes to us.

Physical and emotional healing are no different. They both require patience, acceptance and gratitude. With these tools, both our bodies and our minds can let go of negative baggage and be healed.  When we heal, we are FREE.

I am so grateful to all of my students for their support during my ongoing journey to heal. I am sending love and light to all of you. Namaste.