Walk your Talk



Today I have been challenged to walk my talk. In my life, as in all of ours I have many worlds. I am a mother, a wife, a Yoga Teacher and I also happen to be PTSA Co-President for my children’s school this year. I just opened our local newspaper to find a very personal attack on me from someone I do not know, who happens to be a man of faith, and who does not even live in our town.

My first instinct (as a human) was to want to defend myself. My heart began to beat furiously and my face flushed and then I began to breathe. I started to think about the other parts of me, the mother, the wife and mostly the Yoga teacher. See, ironically my theme for this week in my classes has been about Karma. Very simply, “How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours”. Karma is an amazing thing. We get to just worry about ourselves when we live Karmically. The Sage, Vashistasana summarized the deepest truth about karma by saying “There is no power on earth greater than the right action in the present moment” 

The law of Karma says that as long as we continue to take the right action in the present moment, that we do not need to personally be responsible for anyone else. The universe is always offering back to you whatever it is you put out there. So, for instance, should someone put negative energy out into the world, then that is exactly what they will receive back. It is not our responsibility to take care of anyone else’s Karma (to “get them back”).  The universe does it for us. All we need to do is have confidence and faith in our own actions. I take comfort with the knowledge that I do.

As a spiritual person I understand the power of positivity and truthfulness. I understand that offering information is all we can do and it is each our individual choice to accept the information or to not. I understand that through the breath and the movement both on the mat and off that I am living my positive karma each day. I feel only a sense of sadness for those who do not.

I know I have departed from my usual style this week in my post but I felt there was a clear opportunity to Walk my Talk. As I settled the mind, found my breath and realized that I knew what the right action was in this present moment, I sat at my computer. And these words came out. I feel such a sense of gratitude for the wisdom this practice provides and the opportunity to be an example of positive karmic living in ALL my worlds. Namaste.