Give UP and Forgive


When we hear “Giving Up” it usually has a negative association, but it can have a POSITIVE one as well…to Give UP means to surrender, to let go, to truly release up and out whatever is holding you down. This past week it was about Giving UP to find forgiveness.

I recently ran into a friend who is going through an incredibly challenging time, her marriage is ending and with two small children, living far away from her family, there is no denying the path ahead will be difficult and painful. What impressed me so about our conversation was her perspective. She knew that finding forgiveness was the only way for her to move forward into happiness. Forgiveness for herself for whatever part she played and forgiveness to her husband for his failings as well. That was an inspirational reminder of what is truly important and became my message last week.

I asked everyone to be forgiving of their bodies and let go of judgement; it is really easy to focus on what is going wrong, what we aren’t able to accomplish (on our mats or off), the practice comes from Giving UP those negative thoughts and Forgiving ourselves.  Balancing poses are a time when our self doubt comes to the surface. So as we balanced a lot last week, with each half moon pose I reminded everyone to be forgiving; in their bodies by listening  and not pushing past their edge, and in their minds by Giving UP, surrendering judgement and finding forgiveness .  We practiced cultivating forgiveness on our mats and set our intention to bring that practice with us off the mat.

In the end, Forgiveness is a selfish practice. By forgiving others, we allow oursleves to Give UP what is not servng us and therefore access our own inner happiness. When you forgive someone else, remember, although it is a gift you are giving that person, it is ultimately a gift you are giving yourself.

Often times, from forgiveness we find gratitude. Once we have Given UP, we have space to be grateful. Grateful for what is ahead, grateful for the journey to get there, and even grateful for the obstacles that teach us so much along the way.