Catch Your Breath


I have found myself using the phrase “Catch My Breath” quite alot these days; usually in the context of…. I am having trouble doing it….. with two children, my classes and various other responsibilities I have taken on.

But last week I stepped back and made some commitments to myself including spending a little more time on my mat and little less time in my cluttered mind. I then began to realize another meaning of “Catch your Breath”.  Usually we use that phrase to describe just barely (or not) getting it all done. How about “Catching your Breath” in the sense of owning it, making it yours, committing to it.

And thus, my inspiration for classes last week was born. We used our breath to keep us grounded and focused in the one moment that was happening. No worries as to what was out there in the cluttered world; all we needed to do was “Catch our Breath”, keep it, hold on to it and live in it.  From that practice, it became easier to bring the breath with us back into that hectic world and magically it felt a little less cluttered.

All of a sudden we were breathing from the chest and the heart and not the throat. Our shoulders felt lighter and lower and the neck was longer. We could walk with a long spine and a smile and the realization that we had “Caught our Breath”…in all its meanings.

As I “Caught My Breath” last week, it became very clear to me that with a little Breath, a little Laughter, a little Space and a little Yoga; the BREATH and the WORLD AROUND ME was MINE TO CATCH.