Body and Soul


A few months ago I took a class with the wonderful Dana Flynn; the founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga. After class, as I often do, I jotted down a couple of thoughts. I happened to be flipping through my notebook recently and stumbled upon her words. They instantly became the inspiration for my classes last week.

“Use the body to retrieve the soul”

I began to think about all the ways we can use our bodies to connect more deeply to our innermost selves. Yes, an obvious way is Yoga. Creating awareness and space through building heat in the body, heart opening, fast flow to warm the muscles, long holds to go deeper and of course a Savasana rest at the end.

But there are more ways to create a consciousness of our bodies and thru that a connection to the soul. It can be as simple as the shoes we wear (respecting our feet) or not staying seated in one position too long. Just noticing when our bodies may need something different allows us access to something deeper. It could be the simple act of engaging the core so it can support our spine as we sit in the car or a consciousness of what we put in our bodies..nutritious food when we are hungry, not because it’s a meal time. Even just letting our bodies rest when we feel tired and providing the opportunity to feel refreshed from a good night sleep is a way to use the body to retrieve the soul.

The body truly is the gateway to the soul. When you experience physical pain, your spirit is hurting. When you feel light, healthy and strong your soul is light, healthy and strong as well.

I find it easiest to retrieve my soul after my body has done its work. As I lay in stillness on my mat and my mind is quiet and my body at rest, I feel my heart settle and lightness move through my body and into my soul. I then let the openness in my body truly connect me to my deeper self.

And as I roll onto my right side and gently make my way to a seated postion with eyes closed, I feel more in touch than I do any other time. As I close my practice with Namaste I think about what that word means; “May the light in me (my soul) meet the light in you”.

I hope you get a chance to step on your mat or step deeper into your body in some other way this week. I know you will be happy with what you find. Namaste.