It’s time to “Refill to be Well”


I find, as many of us do,  that when I have less time for myself I feel less myself.

I have so enjoyed these last few weeks of uninterupted together summer time with my kids. (I am actually not being sarcastic) However, my “Well” feels a little bit dry. This past week in my classes I focused on the importance of nourishing ourselves. When we replenish our bodies and minds we have more to share…we “Refill our Well” so we can continue to offer “water” to those around us without feeling depleted.

The concept of a “Well” is interesting. It is a place where water congregates and refills. If we think of oursleves as a “Well” then we need to “REFILL to BE WELL”. Well…. meaning healthy; mentally and physically nourished.

I like to believe that I continued to nourish my little people even as I felt my own supply depleted. For a short time, that is very much possible. I lived in the moment some of each day with them which is all I can ask of myself. We visited friends, traveled, spent time at home and I grabbed a few minutes on my mat each day. It was enough to sustain my water supply but I am ready to replenish.

As I kissed my incoming Kindergartner and 4th Grader goodnight tonight I smiled. I smiled with happiness as I reflected on a wonderful summer. I smiled as I thought about how blessed I am to watch (and I like to think participate in) these little people becoming who they are going to be.   And I also smiled at the knowledge that school starts tomorrow and with that, my chance is here to “Refill to be Well”. By nourishing and replenishing myself, I know I will have even more to give.