It’s all about the JOY


As I reentered my world this past week after a great vacation, (my last post on this I promise!) I was really thinking about space. The space and perspective that came with stepping away was truly JOYful. Holding on to a bit of that space and JOY each day became my focus this week. Often it takes about 48 hours for me to readjust back to reality and feel like I never left…all the space goes as quickly as it came. My intention this time was to have that not be the case.

In Yoga we use the connection of breath to the movement as a way to begin to step away and find space in the body and then ideally the mind as well. As we start on the mat, different parts of the body may feel especially tight or more open than usual. We take a bit of physical inventory as to where we are starting from and as we move and breath we notice different parts of the body responding in different ways. We hopefully find gratitude for what is available and acceptance of what might not be. Then perhaps we start to declutter the mind, see things differently, take stock, reevaluate and reassemble what we want.

The challenge, whether returning from a vacation or re-joining the world after a Yoga practice, is the same…how do we hold on to that space, that perspective.

Cultivating the practice of making space; on your Yoga Mat, on a beach in Costa Rica, and most importantly in your Everyday World is truly a practice. It starts with a little breathing, perhaps some physical and mental decluttering and lots of gratitude and acceptance. Just a little practice at a time and you are on your way to finding your JOY.

In the end, It’s All About the JOY…the little moments that give us JOY each day and being present enough not to miss them. After I taught one of my classes this past week, a new student approached me. He thanked me for being so focused on JOY. I thanked him in return. I felt Acceptance of the fact that I can’t expect myself to live in JOY every moment of each day; and Gratitude that in that moment, I had enough space to both experience JOY, and share it with someone else. The JOY was there and I didn’t want to miss it!